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The San Diego Reader: Meet Julian CiderWorks

The San Diego Reader: Meet Julian CiderWorks

News 🕔July 13, 2014 0 comments

Ranch-2From the San Diego Reader:

Homebrewer-run packaged cider operation sprouting in Apple-ville

By Brandon Hernández, July 11, 2014

Stan Sisson’s love affair with hard cider dates back even longer than his decades-plus homebrewing career. Inspired by his grandfather-in-laws forays into tangerine wine-making using bread yeast, Stan added champagne yeast to apple juice to create what turned out to be the world’s driest, most flavorless cider. Even adding sugar didn’t work. It just made it sweeter instead of bringing out the absent apple flavors. Funny enough, it took getting into brewing to master cider-making.

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